Commercial (products, premises, and events)

At Vision House Creative, our focus is on collaborating to develop a concept, and creating something unique. We listen closely, and work with you in coming up with the most appropriate photographic solutions for presenting your products, premises, events, or other commercial requirements.

Our expertise in producing superior photographic images can enhance the impact your business has.

Photos of your day-to-day operations, premises, or equipment.

Our images can tell a story and present insight into how your business operates, allowing customers, clients, or investors to get a feel for the ‘real’ side of your operations.


Whether it is a business function, conference, product launch, Christmas party or informal event, we treat each shoot with the same attention and carefully chosen set-up. Should the event be on the larger side, we can send multiple photographers to make sure all those important moments are captured.


Without excellent product photos, the viewing public, whether through brochures or websites, will quickly move on. Good photos encourage buyers to focus their attention, and further investigate the products on offer, translating to better sales. Average photos = average sales. We are able to shoot products at your location.

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